Volunteers needed


There's lots to do and lots of interesting  people to do it with.  Join our ranks, choose the work you'd like to do and pick your own days and hours. Our volunteer coordinator -- also a volunteer -- is Jeff Thomas. Email him at volunteer@friendsofnobska.org

Tour Guides


Visitors want to climb the tower and every climb needs a guide who has learned the script and can

share the fascinating history of Nobska and the area.   Only six people at a time can go - so lots of guides are needed.  

No charge for the exercise.

Grounds Keepers



Maintenance is never-ending, picking up trash, painting fences, pulling weeds, trimming bushes—it all takes time and care. The view keeps us going and visitors ask lots of questions.



People who love people are natural fundraisers for a cause they believe in. Learn what Nobska needs, feel in your heart what a treasure it is, and you're ready for the front line in supporting our mission.

Friend Raisers


Showing off the place to build the Friends of Nobska community is important work. Meet with other friends, learn about Nobska, its needs and its future, and help spread the word.

Building Keepers


These historic buildings are a handyman's delight. If you're handy and willing, come join the crew. This tends to be inspection and as-needed type of work with a committed group of people.