News About Nobska Lighthouse

Recent Events


Capital Campaign kickoff at Woods Hole Golf Club June 5, 2019

Ground Breaking for construction on the Keeper's House August 27, 2019



Restore the Lighthouse Tower - 2017-18

Start construction on the Keeper's House - 2019

Design museum exhibits - in progress

Provide educational programming - in progress

Foghorn & Light



"The booming foghorn at Nobska light sounded across fogbound Vineyard Sound for 22 hours on Wednesday. Thursday the horn sounded out every minute for 24 hours. It continued until 8 A.M. today, when Keeper Osborne Hallett, with relief, turned it off."


That can’t happen again. In the spring of 2019, the Coast Guard converted Nobska’s foghorn to an on demand, Mariner Radio Activated Sound System, (MRASS). From the U.S. CG press release: 

”Mariners needing foghorn assistance must now activate the sound signal by using a marine VHF-FM radio. The MRASS device will allow mariners to energize the sound signal, on demand, by keying a standard VHF-FM radio five times consecutively on VHF channel 83A. The sound signal will then sound for 45-60 minutes following each activation. The MRASS is an efficient and economical part of the Nation’s aid to navigation system that provides a sound signal precisely when the mariner requires it.”

Fun Facts


There are 33 steps up the spiral staircase in the lighthouse Tower and eight more up the ladder to the lantern room where the Fresnel lens is located.

There are 2.5 acres of property surrounding Nobska Lighthouse.


There are 48 windows in the Keeper's House and 7 more in the cellars. You can see the ocean from every window.

The exterior of the lighthouse Tower is cast iron. The interior is lined with bricks



When will the Keeper's House be open to the public? 

We are planning for summer of 2020, but the opening depends on successful fundraising.

How do I join Friends of Nobska Light? 

All donors are considered Friends of Nobska! 

How many people visit Nobska Light every year? 

Untold numbers. Over 2,000 visitors enjoyed guided tours of the lighthouse Tower last year.