capital campaign leadership


Capital Campaign Committee

CoChairs David Forsberg and  Eric Wisch

Carissa April
Thomas Walrath

Ann Forsberg
Kate Maguire
Jeannine Jeffrey
Eric Wisch
Deb dePunte

Bob McLaughlin

David Forsberg pictured.


 Phase one of construction on the Keeper's House started in August. This first phase will provide a weathertight “shell” for the building; a new roof, windows, siding, repointed chimneys, and structural reinforcements.  

Capital campaign Launch Party

Great party!  On July 2, 2019, some 180 people celebrated the official launch of our capital campaign at Woods Hole Golf Club.  

Beacons of Light: The Campaign for Nobska will build on the strong community support, successful annual fund, and project-based grants that enabled the Friends to achieve the initial goals of rehabilitating the Lighthouse Tower and developing a master plan for this historic and iconic site.

Naming Opportunities

The Keeper's House rehabilitation provides many opportunities for donor recognition. Please contact our Executive Director for more information.


The Waterford Crystal Nobska Lighthouse

This amazing one-of-a-kind sculpture will be on display in the community (currently at Highfield Hall) in Falmouth to raise awareness about what's happening at Nobska. 


Waterford is honored to be a part of the Nobska Lighthouse renovation project with the creation of this commemorative crystal piece. Standing over 16” high and weighing 14 pounds, the Nobska crystal lighthouse is a symbol of true Waterford craftsmanship. It brings to life the elite skills of Waterford Crystal’s Master Craftsmen who have spent years cultivating their craft, transforming the finest raw materials into crystal works of art.   Over fifty man-hours were dedicated to creating this stunning one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The windows, doors and the upper tier of the house are hand-sculpted in addition to the finely sculpted supporting arms and detailed railing. Minimal cutting was applied to the body of the lighthouse which is finished with a beautiful satin patina, creating an exquisite balance of sculpted and clear crystal and beautifully showcasing the essence of Waterford. 

 Waterford, Ireland’s Connection to Lighthouses

One of the oldest lighthouses in the World, The Hook Lighthouse, is situated at the tip of the Hook Peninsula in County Wexford, in Ireland. Operated by the Commissioners of Irish Lights, the Irish Lighthouse Authority, the Hook marks the eastern entrance to the estuary that connects the city of Waterford to the sea. It has been said that when the Earl of Pembroke sailed into Waterford in 1170 to take the city, he saw a tower on one side of the harbor and a church on the other side. He asked their names and was told they were the 'Tower of Hook' and the 'Church of Crooke'. Hence the saying, he would take Waterford 'By Hook or by Crooke.’

Waterford Crystal

The company of Waterford was first established in 1783 on land adjacent to Merchants’ Quay in the heart of the Irish harbor town of Waterford. Its founders were two brothers, William and George Penrose, who were important developers and principal exporters in the city. Their vision was to “create the finest quality crystal for drinking vessels and objects of beauty for the home.” Today, more than two hundred years later, Waterford has crystal sought after by collectors and connoisseurs around the world and its reputation for creating glass of unsurpassed beauty and quality has transcended the intervening centuries. Each piece is watermarked with the word “Waterford”, signifying the finest crystal in the world. 

Tom Brennan, Master Artist

Tom Brennan presented the sculpture to the Friends of Nobska community at the launch party for the Capital Campaign in June. Like his father, Tom Brennan was born in Waterford City, Ireland, and fulfilled a lifelong dream of working for Waterford Crystal. From a young age, Tom aspired to follow in his father Leo's footsteps, by participating in the 200+ year tradition of fine crystal craftsmanship. Tom's career with Waterford Crystal began with his apprenticeship in 1986, where he mastered the art of crystal glass-blowing. Today, as Spokesperson & Master Artisan, Tom brings his craft to life as he educates and inspires Waterford consumers. One of his key roles is serving as spokesperson for the prestigious Waterford Crystal Times Square Ball, viewed by millions of people worldwide as they ring in the New Year. From Master Craftsman to Brand Ambassador, Tom’s journey is a reflection of his unrivaled passion for Irish heritage, his hometown, and Waterford Crystal.