Vision, Mission & Values


Friends of Nobska Light is committed to serving as the new keeper of Nobska Light Station to ensure that Nobska remains a beacon attracting people to the Falmouth area, inspiring them to learn more about our maritime history, and educating a wide audience about our seafaring heritage.


We are committed to save, restore, and preserve Nobska Light Station, to enhance the visitor experience with a maritime museum, and to share Nobska’s Story with future generations.


  • Welcoming. We are committed to extending the Nobska experience to as large and diverse an audience as possible; handicapped accessible, programmatically responsive to varied constituencies, and free for all.

  • Historical Integrity. We are good stewards and neighbors, restoring the tower and the keepers house in an historically sensitive manner, landscaping and maintaining the grounds, protecting the ocean vistas, and presenting Nobska’s story with historical accuracy.

  • Community. We are collaborative, engaging, and vibrant and recognize our role in complementing Falmouth’s rich cultural and educational offerings.