Frequently Asked Questions


  • When can I visit? Anytime during the day. The grounds are open to visit, photograph, and enjoy from dawn to dusk year-round.
  • Is there parking? Yes, a very limited amount in a small space in front of the lighthouse Tower. The parking lot is where the road curves around Nobska Point.
  • Are there public restrooms? Not now. Sorry.
  • Can I go up the lighthouse Tower? We try to open for tours Tuesdays and Thursdays in the summer, please find details on the VISIT page. All tours are volunteer- and weather-dependent. You have to be at least 45 inches tall to be able to go up the Tower. It's a spiral staircase for three stories and then a ladder to the fourth story to see the light and the spectacular view.
  • When will the museum be open? We hope the rehabilitation of the Keeper’s House is done by 2020. But the timing depends on getting the funds raised in a timely manner.
  • Who owns Nobska Light? The U.S. Coast Guard, federal government, still owns the property. The Friends of Nobska Light is responsible for all the care and maintenance of the property. 
  • Why did the U.S. Coast Guard license the Town of Falmouth to take care of Nobska Light? Very simply, the federal government didn’t want to pay for Nobska’s maintenance and repair. The Coast Guard is “deaccessioning” lighthouses all over America to allow the Coast Guard to focus on their public safety mission rather than the historic preservation that old buildings require. Changing technology has made lighthouses per se largely obsolete. 
  • Is Nobska still functioning as a lighthouse?  Yes, the Nobska Light and foghorn are still active “Aids to Navigation.”
  • Why did the Town of Falmouth want the license?  Nobska is an important landmark in Falmouth. The people of Falmouth wanted to be sure that Nobska Light would remain in the public domain and would be cared for by local people with a strong commitment to the place and the Town. If the Town had not been willing to be the licensee, Nobska Light could have been put up for auction to the highest bidder. Half the deaccessioned U.S. lighthouses have gone to private individuals for residential or corporate use.
  • Why did the Town give responsibility for Nobska Light to the Friends of Nobska Light? The Friends partnered with the Town to apply for the license with the understanding that they, the Friends, would raise the money and oversee the preservation project and run the Museum. The Town, on its own, could not undertake the multi-million-dollar project to make Nobska Light and Keeper’s House open to the public.
  • Can I be a Friend of Nobska Light? Yes, of course. Nobska Light needs all the Friends it can get. Please click on “DONATE” or "EMAIL SIGN UP" on the menu bar and sign up. 


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