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The Lighthouse Movement

Modern technology has doomed the classic lighthouse. The Coast Guard, in its role as custodian, has automated all light stations in this country and, in the process, has eliminated the need for operating personnel.  Although the almost 300-year-old era of manned light stations in this country has come to a close, those remaining symbols of our maritime heritage can, and should be, preserved for the enjoyment of future generations.  As of 2019, over 100 historic lighthouses have been transferred to either private individuals or public or nonprofit entities, creating a unique preservation movement.

Cape Cod Lighthouses

There are lots of lighthouses to see - 14 on the Cape alone, many dozens along New England's coast. 

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National Lighthouse Organizations

Lighthouse preservation is a national movement. Understand more about what motivates the movement and how preservationists fund their passion by visiting these websites.  

United States Lighthouse Society

American Lighthouse Foundation

The Lighthouse Preservation Society

National Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000