Nobska Light will provide a window into the life and concerns and knowledge of coastal light keepers, the U.S. Coast Guard role in coastal navigation, the maritime history of the area and marine life surrounding Cape Cod. 

For a taste of what we're planning to make available at the renovated facility , click the titles of these pages:

History  What were the lighthouse keepers' rooms like in the 19th century? In the 20th century? Who were these people and what did they look like? How did the U.S. Coast Guard use this property?  What artifacts are left from the almost two centuries of occupation as a lighthouse?

Fresnel lens  Who invented this equipment? Why is it important? How does it work? Is it still in use today?

Maritime history  What kind of ships used Woods Hole Harbor in earlier times? Where there any naval battles fought in these waters? What kind of boats and ships use the Harbor now?

Marine life  What lives in the waters you can see from the Light? Why are so many famous institutions devoted to marine biology located in Wood Hole? What work do they do? 

Lighthouse Links  Lighthouse preservation is national movement. Understand the preservationists' motivation by clicking on some of these links.

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