Nobska Point Light Station is undergoing a transformation. For the past 188 years it has been under the care and control of the federal government. Over those many years Nobska guided mariners and provided housing for numerous keepers and Coast Guard personnel. By 2013, the Coast Guard no longer needed to use Nobska for housing, but continued to function as an active aid to navigation lighthouse. The Friends of Nobska Light was formed to partner with the town of Falmouth to undertake the maintenance of the tower and transform the keepers’ house into a Maritime Museum. 

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the community’s stewardship of the Nobska Point Light Station on behalf of the Town of Falmouth,  the Friends will sponsor “Beacons of Light,” a traveling art exhibit of decorated wooden lighthouses this summer, from June until the end of August. This exhibit will raise awareness in the community for the need to preserve this beloved icon for future generations and raise funds to help the cause.

The lighthouses, decorated by local artists, will be on display in numerous public venues around Falmouth including the Falmouth Public Library, Coffee O and Starbucks, and Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank. The lighthouses will be available for purchase with the proceeds going to the Friends of Nobska Light.

The Friends are grateful for the support of the Falmouth Art Center and local artists on this project. We are looking for artists who would like to take on “decorating” a lighthouse. They are 20” tall, unfinished birch veneer plywood, and are available by contacting Susan Bergmann,, Falmouth Art Center, Gifford Street. To be returned by May 15 th.

The Friends of Nobska Light are looking for sponsors to help underwrite the costs associated with putting on this exhibit and our ongoing work at Nobska. If you think you would be willing and able to help please let us know,

Current Schedule:

June 1-11 Keepers' House Nobska Light

June 12-30 Falmouth Public Library

July 1-31 Strarbucks Falmouth Coffee O Falmouth and Woods Hole

August 1-21 Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank Falmouth and Woods Hole 

August 22- September 4 Keepers' House Nobska Light

Friends of Nobska Light is a Falmouth-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Make a donation here on the website or by mail.

Friends of Nobska Light • PO Box 183 • Falmouth, MA 02541

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